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May 2024

Pioneering Security Escort Work in West Africa

Admiral Offshore is at the forefront of maritime security operations in West Africa, leveraging the advanced capabilities of its fleet of Damen 3307 vessels. These vessels are renowned for their robustness, versatility, and advanced technological features, making them ideal for security escort work in the often-tumultuous waters of the region.

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April 2024

Local Community Support

Since its inception, Admiral has supported local initiatives with each member of staff given a sum they can use to support their nominated charity or community project. The only conditions are that the grant is used in direct support of people or the environment, ensuring the money is used where it can have best, immediate effect.

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March 2024

Development of Young Professionals - Sean O’Hagan

Admiral Offshore have an industry leading, very low, staff turnover rate with a long standing senior, middle and junior management team in place.

Sean O’Hagan joined the company as an intern in 2018 taking up a role supporting the Marine Safety Team and the Operations department to gain experience in the marine industry.

Sean is an example of someone starting out in their career, supported through training and qualification and now moving forward into a complex management role in a fast paced environment.

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February 2024

SVS Avery Mobilises to Congo

Following on from extensive vessel checks and surveys, SVS AVERY has mobilised on a long term charter in support of ENI CONGO, working through local partners as part of the local engagement program in Congo.

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January 2024

SVS Avery - Successful Charter in Ivory Coast

SVS Avery has successfully completed a charter in support of the multi-purpose offshore seismic vessel Atlantis Dweller in Ivory Coast.

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December 2023

Great Year - Vessel Utilisation on the Rise

Admiral Offshore would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been involved directly or indirectly with the business over the past twelve months.

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November 2023

SVS Avery Secures Charter in Ivory Coast

After SVS Hawkins impressed on charter whilst working in Abidjan back in September, successfully completing their security duties without incident, Admiral once again return to the Ivory Coast.

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October 2023

SVS Monck Completes Charter in Mozambique

SVS Monck arrived in Pemba, Mozambique after an exceptionally challenging voyage from Lome, Togo. The journey saw the vessel battle against extreme weather conditions during this 3 week long transit, however this was expertly managed by the captain onboard.

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September 2023

The Role of Security Vessel SVS Hawkins in Ivory Coast

In the bustling maritime industry off the coast of Ivory Coast, security vessels play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and uninterrupted operations of larger client vessels engaged in various projects. Acting as the ‘chase’ vessel on this four-week long project, SVS Hawkins was tasked with intercepting any potential threats that posed potential danger or delay to the task.

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August 2023

Admiral Offshore has Positioned Itself to Respond to Increased Market Need

The Offshore market has seen a difficult period of late, in the run up to COVID we saw depressed fuel prices and then through COVID reduced charter prospects, increased costs and suppressed rates ...

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July 2023

Vessel Maintenance Period

Over the last few weeks of July and into August, three of the Admiral Offshore fleet that are currently located in Lome, Togo (SVS Avery, SVS Hawkins and SVS Monck) have been undergoing scheduled maintenance works after long periods at sea since January.

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June 2023

SVS Hawkins Completes Douala – Port Gentil Cargo Task

At the end of June, SVS Hawkins successfully completed a short notice charter transporting client essential cargo from Douala, Cameroon to Port Gentil, Gabon.

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May 2023

SVS Hawkins Completes Charter in Equatorial Guinea

SVS Hawkins began working in Equatorial Guinea late January 2023 and has recently successfully finished this task. The climate at this time of year in EG ranges between 26 and 29 Degrees Celsius resulting in very tough working conditions.

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April 2023

SVS Monck and SVS Avery complete long-term charter in Sao Tome

Our vessels were acting as security cover for the BGP Prospector which was conducting a seismic operation. The project in STP lasted a couple of months and was finished successfully.

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March 2023

SVS Monck Successfully Completes Spot Charter for Cargo Transport

SVS Monck secured a spot charter in February 2023 for a cargo transport task from Lima Base, Douala to Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The vessel was given short notice on this task, however was able to adapt quickly to get the job done.

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February 2023

Admiral Offshore Becomes Local Hero for School

Admiral Offshore is happy to share that it was able to make a donation to Bincombe Valley Primary School in Weymouth to assist with school meals for all pupils. A member of the Admiral Offshore team highlighted the fact that costs to families were becoming extremely tough and ...

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November  2022

SVS Avery – Successfully Docked

SVS Avery was docked at a West African Slipway facility between the 9th November to the 28th November 2022.

The main purpose was to facilitate her 5-year Special Survey docking and enable a comprehensive inspection by Class BV.

This was successfully completed, and she is now ready for work in West Africa.

The docking enabled an opportunity for underwater work to be conducted that included shaft withdrawals/inspections, shaft seals replacement, bow thruster servicing,

Thordon bearings replacement and the servicing of all underwater valves.

For Hull protection four coats of International paint was applied which included two coats of Antifouling.

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August 2022

Vessel Updates

SVS Avery, SVS Hawkins and SVS Monck continue to be time chartered through Condor Marine Services in Nigeria. All three vessels have been extremely active over the past few months performing a range of tasks including escort and security work operating out of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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June  2022

Day of the Seafarer

The 25th of June each year is the ‘Day of the Seafarer’, this was first celebrated back in 2011.

It enables people to recognise the invaluable contribution seafarers all around the world make to international trade and the economy.

With over 1.5 million seafarers, this day allows us to pay tribute accordingly.

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May 2022

SVS Avery operating out of Port Harcourt

SVS Avery is currently operating out of Port Harcourt and continues its long-term charter with indigenous local operators in Nigeria delivering services to an IOC. The vessel has been extremely reliable over the past few months carrying out regular patrol work including performing escort work.

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April 2022

Market Position

Market conditions in the offshore industry remain positive with increased working opportunities continuing to appear within the oil & gas sector.

Currently, Admiral Offshore is in a strong position with all five vessels on long-term charters to blue chip International and National Oil Companies as well as indigenous vessel operators.

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March 2022

SVS Monck New Charter in Nigeria

SVS Monck has begun a new charter with end client Addax Petroleum operating out of Lagos, Nigeria. Addax Petroleum are part of the SINPOEC Group of companies. The vessel will be providing security and escort patrol services and Admiral Offshore will be supporting the operational management of the vessel.

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January 2022

SVS Guardsman – Successfully Docked at WAS

SVS Guardsman was docked at the West Atlantic Shipyard in Nigeria during December 2021.

The main purpose was to facilitate her 5-year Special Survey docking and enable a comprehensive inspection by Class BV Nigeria.

The successful docking will enable the vessel to continue with her tasking until her next scheduled docking in thirty months’ time.

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December 2021

A Welcome Return to Travel for Admiral Offshore

It continues to be a busy period for Admiral Offshore with all five vessels currently on hire and the team able to travel abroad once again. November saw the Admiral Offshore management team conduct business travel to Dubai to meet up with key suppliers and clients.

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October 2021

A Busy Few Months for Avery, Hawkins and Monck

It has been a busy few months at Admiral Offshore with continued operations and an uplift in requirements to meet the challenges of COVID. SVS Avery, SVS Hawkins and SVS Monck on time charter through Condor Marine Services in Nigeria have been extremely active throughout the summer months performing various tasks out of Nigeria.

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December 2020

2020 Review

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year. The offshore sector has been impacted and in very general terms rates have reduced and payment terms extended, whilst the cost of operating has increased.

Admiral Offshore has traded strongly in the Gulf of Guinea, supporting a range of charterers ...

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November 2020

SVS Monck – Successfully Docked

SVS Monck was docked at a West African Slipway facility between the 19th October to the 3rd November 2020.ž

The main purpose was to facilitate her 5-year Special Survey docking and enable a comprehensive inspection by Class BV. This was successfully completed, and she is now back working in West Africa ...

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September 2020

Through the challenges
that COVID-19 represents

The first half of 2020 has witnessed tough trading conditions in the offshore sector around the world; initially due to the low oil price and thereafter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating costs have increased significantly due to the problems created around supply chain, operations and the decrease ...

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March 2020

Excellent First Quarter

Trading conditions in the offshore industry remain volatile and subject to changes in external factors such as the oil price.

However, the Admiral Group is maintaining its revenue profile and continues to meet its targets allowing the company to continue to invest in its core business and to implement its ongoing investment plans in West Africa.

Our efficient and streamlined management and control structures allow for quick and flexible decision making and we remain pro-active and able to respond to market demand.

February 2020

Successful Operations
in Nigeria

The Admiral Group of companies continue to deliver outstanding service in Nigeria.

With significant investment in the region planned for 2020 including a service hub in Port Harcourt for Damen FSIVs, these are exciting times for the business.

We continue to invest in best in class services and have recently imported a purpose build Damen workshop container along with containerised spares into Nigeria to support this next exciting evolution in our growth.

January 2020

A Name Change
to Reflect the Business

Since it’s inception in July 2018 Admiral Offshore has traded with the experience and outstanding legacy from it’s antecedent company, Specialised Vessel Services Ltd.

From January 2020 all companies in the operating group will be known as ‘Admiral’ to better reflect the separate and integrated nature of the Admiral Group of companies from SVS.

Therefore SVS Offshore Ltd has changed its name to Admiral Offshore Ltd. It remains ‘business as usual’ but the name change better aligns all companies in the operating group.

December 2019

Financial Results to December 2019

Admiral Operations continues to beat its financial targets with a solid track record of sustainable operating and bottom line profits and fleet utilisation levels at over 95%.

The business remains completely ungeared which suits current economic conditions and market volatility.

It continues to reinvest in developing a reliable customer supply chain in order to maximise sustainable revenue streams and minimise business risk.

The executive team continue to focus on their strategy of maintaining a lean and efficient operational business model while maintaining a stable platform to support further growth as market opportunities arise.



May 2019

Optimism and Growth in Nigeria and West Africa

Admiral Offshore is a company which was formed to meet the unique requirements and challenges of the offshore oil and gas sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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April 2019

Meet the Team – Chief Engineer Richard Odera

Richard is one of our longest-serving crew members. Schooled in Kenya before graduating from the Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute, Tanzania, he joined the SVS group in 2011 and has enjoyed steady advancement and progression to Chief Engineer through our career transition training scheme. He has gained valuable experience across a wide range of vessel types and classes, successfully completing ...

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March 2019

Old Friends
& New Friends

As expected, we are proud to report that Admiral Offshore has now secured significant charter contracts for all of our vessels and has achieved our target of 100% fleet utilisation within the first Quarter of 2019. Our fleet of Damen 3307 Fast Crew Supply craft are all working on major offshore Exploration and Production (E&P) projects for the Oil and Gas industry, fulfilling a variety of roles and leading the way with regards to reliability and safety.

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January 2019

Admiral Offshore welcomes in the New Year with fresh round of confirmed business

2019 has seen a most encouraging start for Admiral Offshore, with two of our largest clients confirming and extending charter options for a total of 6 years. (2 x vessels for 18 months and a third vessel for 3 years firm). These contracts, along with our other current projects, mean that we start the year ...

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December 2018

Oil and Gas Industry set for continued recovery in 2019

After several years of falling activity and expenditure by the oil and gas Industry, with corresponding pressures and difficulties for the Offshore Support and Marine sectors, key research and analysis now predicts a period of optimism and growth for the industry. In an extract of a survey published online by Offshore Energy Today, 70 percent of senior industry professionals interviewed expected to increase or maintain capital expenditure in 2019.

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November 2018

Enduring Success in Nigeria and West Africa – over 7,000 days of safe and reliable operations

December 2018 will see our fleet of Damen 3307 Axebow vessels pass another significant milestone. As the year comes to a close, our 5 x vessels and their crews will have amassed a total of just over 7,000 days of successful operational charters in West Africa.

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October 2018

A Flying Start for Admiral Offshore!

It is now three months since the establishment of Admiral Offshore as an independent company, following the restructuring of the wider SVS Group of Companies at the end of June. That reorganisation saw Admiral Offshore assume responsibility for the technical management and operation of our 5 x Damen 3307 FCS vessels based in West Africa.

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September 2018

SVS Guardsman to Namibia
Another Success For The Team

Early September saw another period of high activity and a swift turnaround for SVS Guardsman. Following an extremely successful project off Ghana, the vessel underwent a short period of maintenance and reconfiguration in Lome, Togo, before sailing to join her next charter in support of a major seismic acquisition project off Namibia.

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July 2018

Admiral Offshore Completes Implementation of Sage X3

This summer has already been a busy time for Admiral Offshore, as the management team have worked hard to complete the restructuring of the business and the establishment of the new operational organization.

One important part of that process has been the selection and and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) to give us fully integrated sight and control over our purchasing, inventory management, finance and budget functions.

We are delighted to announce that after much hard work by ourselves and our partners Synergy, based in South Africa, we have now completed the installation and trial period.

All departments went live with the newly installed Sage X3 system on 1st July.

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July 2018

Seismic Survey – Ghana

In July 2018, on short notice due to the non-compliance of a competitor’s vessel, the SVS Guardsman was mobilised to Tema, Ghana from Lome, Togo having changed out several crew members from the recent project in the Ivory Coast in order to comply with Ghanaian cabotage requirement for indigenous manning.

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June 2018

Seismic Survey - Ivory Coast

Following on from the completion of successful chase duties in support of one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced seismic data acquisition vessels in Ghana the SVS Guardsman was specifically requested by Charterers to follow their Seismic Survey Vessel to the Ivory Coast in support of a seismic survey for an international oil major.

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June 2018

Admiral Operations Limited and Admiral Offshore Limited

Since its formation in 2010, Specialised Vessel Services Ltd has developed a reputation for service excellence in the provision of vessel ownership, operation and management in support of the offshore oil and gas exploration, production and service support sectors.

Initial growth in East Africa quickly led to expansion further ...

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Our Fleet of Vessels

Admiral Offshore operates 5 x Damen 3307 FCS Vessels.

We have a variety of charter and operating arrangements in place and have the flexibility to deliver a range of solutions in order to meet client needs. We provide support to a variety of market sectors.

SVS Avery

Fast Support Intervention

SVS Guardsman

Fast Crew Supply

SVS Hawkins

Fast Support Intervention

SVS Monck

Fast Support Intervention

SVS Teach

Fast Support Intervention


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